Diejo Runge (synths, guitars, turntables, composing) | Camisaya (vocals, lyrics) | Dhru (keyboards, composing, engineering, lyrics, vocals)

Sojiva is the collaborative vision of Australia based DJ/producer Diejo Runge and US based music producer Dhru and features Seattle based vocalist Camisaya as well as a rotating roster of other US and Australia based musicians and vocalists who help contribute to the the band’s unique sound. The group formed in the spring of 2005 to combine their unique talents, influences and individual styles to create what the band now passionately refers to as the “Sojiva sound”.

Diejo and Dhru first joined forces in California in the early 90's founding a well known San Francisco electronica band Factor One. Factor One enjoyed club success in the Bay Area opening up for many well known other electronic artists of that time including such bands as Red Flag, Front Line Assembly, Sheep on Drugs, and Voice Farm. During this time Diejo and Dhru started their own record label and released a number of club tracks including the 1991 club remix of their single "In the Move" which became popular in dance clubs and on college and modern rock radio stations throughout the US.

As the electronic music scene progressed Diejo and Dhru went their separate ways for a while, pursuing individual artistic endeavors from DJ'ing to dance club remixing to filmmaking and studio engineering for other local artists. Again reunited in 2005, this creative duo decided it was time for another musical project. This time seeking out vocalists and other musicians that could fit and grow the Sojiva concept.

After searching for some time Sojiva found a distinctive vocalist named Camisaya. Originally from the east coast Camisaya is also a solo artist who has released her own projects with various artists throughout the US. This distinctive, soothing and powerful songstress is an essential ingredient in giving Sojiva its soulful sound flavorings.

Currently Diejo has established a new studio in Sydney Australia and collaborates with Dhru who operates from his own music laboratory in the development, arrangement and recording of new Sojiva material. Sojiva is completing songs and putting the finishing touches on their first full length release containing 11 tracks including a remaster of their first single a re-make of the popular 80's song "Come Back and Stay" by Paul Young. Live club dates in support of the album release are anticipated for 2010.